Tools That Can Be Used to Make Video from PPT

Make Video from PPT
PowerPoint is a very popular computer program that is a part of the MS office. It is a highly effective tool that can be used for creating and showing slides to support a presentation or conduct a meeting. The best feature of a PowerPoint program is that it combines text, images and even multimedia content to give a professional touch to the presentations and keep the audience entertained and updated. Whether the presentation is text-based or it is a complete multimedia presentation that also contains sound narration, transition and video, you can convert the entire presentation into video form and it can be sent to others without any problem. Microsoft has also made things easy for users and allows them to save the PowerPoint presentation as video in the Windows media player file format which has helped thousands of people in completing their projects most efficiently.

Converting PPTs into Videos:
There are a number of software that can easily convert PowerPoint presentations into videos. With such software, it has become very convenient to share files on social media, blogs and even video sharing sites. All the individual as well as business users like experts of cheap essay writing services, need to do is convert their PowerPoint presentation into the video before posting it as it will protect the data or the program they are sharing from being modified or repackaged by someone else. It also helps to play the converted video on portable and handheld devices which is not possible if the presentation remains in its original form as not every phone has the right software to open MS office. Teachers, students as well as professionals and government officials can benefit greatly from these tools that convert the PPTs into videos as they can be most easily shared and viewed. Top tools that can make videos from PPT are given below;

iSpring River:
This software works with PPT by integrating into the program in the form of a tab and helps to convert the slides into MP4 format. The resulting video can be directly uploaded to YouTube with just a click. The good thing about this tool is that the video works with a number of desktops, handheld devices and operating systems. The good thing about this tool is that the users can adjust the quality and size of video according to their needs. This tool has proved to be very effective for teachers and trainers in education and corporate sections to convert even the most complicated presentations in crystal clear high-quality format with just a single click.

Digital Office Pro:
This is a free converter that will convert the PowerPoint presentation into DVD format and various other types of video files. The good thing about this tool is that it will convert PowerPoint presentation files to WMV, MOV, ASF, and M4V formats, the videos will be converted with all their effects and the video files are compatible with almost all portable and handheld devices. This tool also supports all types of files and versions of PowerPoint which makes it a great choice.

RZ Soft:
This is a free tool that can be downloaded for converting all versions and formats of PowerPoint presentations into videos. The software will give out the final output size and resolution according to the user’s specification. The good thing is that users can also burn DVDs while getting the presentations converted into videos. The animals, video clips, transitions and sounds will remain the same in the video, offering high-quality results even in its free version.

Leawo PowerPoint Converter:
An absolutely free of cost tool, it will convert the PowerPoint slideshow into high-quality videos most easily. It can convert slideshows to more than 23 video formats and its updated version retains all of the bells and whistles of original PowerPoint presentation.

Online Convert:
A free online document converter, it will also convert all the PowerPoint slides into multiple video formats that can be downloaded to the computer or laptop too. It also offers various other features that include file converter that are very easy to use and can be used in a number of settings. In fact, it is a tool that is more helpful in changing future of education.

This converter has the capacity to convert the PowerPoint files to video very swiftly even if you do not have the PowerPoint program installed on your computer. The users also have the facility to add commentary, watermarks and music to the PowerPoint file before sending it for conversion. There are a number of tools that can be used for making videos of the PowerPoint presentations. However, it is essential to consider and weigh the features of these tools along with the quality of output, effects and compatibility with modern devices to get the best service.

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