New Bluetooth Version 5 - What Can You Expect From It

New Bluetooth Version 5
Everyone uses Bluetooth and everyone has Bluetooth in their phones. After NFC and other advanced file transfer systems Bluetooth seemed to become restricted to speakers, watches and music playing purposes. So they decided to give it a makeover and who know Bluetooth Version 5 could be so much more than what Bluetooth ever had to offer. Bluetooth transfers are generally a little time consuming, if you have to transfer a file to your PC it would simply take ages. First you have to create an account and sync your devices and pair them, then allow from here and there, share keys and what not, and then your transfer starts, you keep wondering how many omelets you would have made during the file transfer only until you ditched Bluetooth for file transferring and used the data cable or other ways instead. The problem was never with Bluetooth but it was us and our requirements evolving as time passes and we have become more demanding ever since.

Bluetooth though, still used for many things such as your speakers, extra set of keyboards, mouse, watch, headset never left you and continued being loyal in playing its part. You have to agree that even though you may not use it for file transfer anymore but half of your devices would be simply meaningless without your Bluetooth behaving. It still continues to help you and be a part of your every or almost everything. Okay, that was entirely about the old Bluetooth and its loyalty with the users, let’s take a detailed look in to what the Bluetooth 5 have to offer and what should we expect from this new little guy! Bluetooth 5 is a much more efficient Bluetooth (obviously) and it is faster which is the most important out of everything, better in range and smarter. Bluetooth 5 promises to deliver better quality experience through faster file exchange, ability to connect multiple devices, longer range and smart access.

It is expected to make the pairing process easier and increase in range could mean that as soon as you walk out of your room with your phone, your speakers will not be disconnected. The news broke sometime back last year when the release and leaked news of Bluetooth 5 and its capability was out in blogs and online news. In June, techies started talking about how they expect the new Bluetooth 5 to perform better and faster and it was only until December 2016 was the new Bluetooth launched. Bluetooth 5 will make its appearance in devices from 4 to 6 months roughly from now and they are inviting brands and companies to make their devices equipped with the faster Bluetooth 5 in order to get the maximum out of their Bluetooth use and experience. With the Bluetooth 5 making its appearance in the scene, it has created waves of anticipation and users world over and tech bloggers and techies are already predicting that it will change the whole experience to a huge extent.

With a better performance Bluetooth 5 will make people experience the best out of their Bluetooth devices such as their Bluetooth speakers, smart watches, phones, car and home audio, tablets, keyboards and other devices that are very dependent on Bluetooth. An important thing to note here is that Bluetooth is the most taken for granted technologies until your Bluetooth device refuses to pair with anything and you start noticing how many things you will b deprived of now without your Bluetooth. We use it for music, for calls for transfers (not the primary source of transferring though) and for many other things. The company claims to have made Bluetooth faster by 4x in speed, range and smartness.

It will perhaps be smarter than waiting ages to connect and eventually connects after infinity of trial and error and disappointment. It will surely be customizable and further secure than it already it and it will open more doors to possibilities in the future. With a range of outside the building, your Bluetooth 5 will make you and your performance further efficient and it will cut down on many hassles. You will not have to rush back and forth to places just in order to get your signals and range smooth. With frictionless experience you will get a lot more than what Bluetooth has to offer you currently. With the new Bluetooth 5, you are not getting a whole new invention but you are getting a better use of what already exists. One would think double the speed but Bluetooth is set to give you thousand times faster and better experience.

Has Bluetooth Become Useless Now?
There is no way one can think that. Bluetooth is still used widely for more purposes than it was initially created. It has continued to evolve and make waves in the name of technology. You are set to experience the future with the new Bluetooth device and you will be happier to find out that it will consume the same about of power from your device although it will be much better, faster and smoother with frictionless experience. Now the key strokes will not skip and you will not have to correct your entire documents just because your Bluetooth keyboard has a short range.

You can have an across the room or building experience and you never know if there will be Bluetooth 5 intercoms between rooms and one device controlling speakers of the entire building and so on. It will be fun to see what this whole new revamp of Bluetooth will do to technology and the devices that will carry the new Bluetooth 5 and only time and experience will tell what it will be like to have a much more efficient Bluetooth that what we have ever known it for and which devices will be carrying it and which will choose to stick to the old ones. Bluetooth 5 is sure to make each one of your Bluetooth device more effective.

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