Should Universities Have Special Accommodation Facilities For The Disabled?

Special Accommodation Facilities
A person who has limited senses, movements and activities due to some physical or mental conditions is known as a disabled person. The universities should have some special accommodation facilities for the disabled. Most of the universities are providing accommodation facilities to the students. Along with special accommodation facilities, these universities are also providing support for specific disabilities, financial support and non-medical helpers. The universities should also allow the disabled persons to keep personal assistance at the normal student rate. Here, experts in dissertation writing services UK will discuss why universities should have special accommodation facilities for the disabled.
  1. It can include a disability statement on the syllabus of the disabled persons. As a result, the authorities receive an Accommodation Determination Letter. With the help of this letter, the authorities ensure the disabled persons that their specific needs will be met in a timely manner. The faculty of the disabled persons will also get an idea about their specific accommodation needs.
  2. There are Student Disability Services in a university. The Student Disability Services mention all the accommodation needs of the disabled persons. If the students want to add some extra needs, they have to change their Accommodation Determination Letter. Its benefit is that the disabled students can get all of these academic accommodation facilities just by submitting a copy of the Accommodation Determination Letter.
  3. As we know that there is a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. According to this act, a university should protect the private information of a disabled person. Almost all the universities follow this rule. For this reason, the authority members held a private meeting with the disabled persons and try to discuss the specific classroom conditions in which their disability is exposed. After getting an idea about their problems, the authority members try to find out the best solutions to these problems.
  4. The universities are also providing a safe and fair learning environment to the disabled persons. They can enrol themselves in the same courses in which normal students are enrolled.
  5. The universities also provide them with classroom accommodations. With the help of these classroom accommodations, they can feel it easy to compete with normal students. The academic standards of these disabled persons are also kept same as the normal students.
  6. Due to a physical disability, some students find it difficult to sit near a disabled person. It is the responsibility of the class instructor to create such a learning environment in the class where all the students should be treated equally and fairly.
Most of the disabled persons don’t know how to apply for the special accommodation facilities. They just need to follow a simple application process. First, the students should send an email to the disability services. Secondly, the students should submit the recent medical evidence that proves their disability. At last, the students should also arrange a meeting with the Disability Services and Wellbeing teams of the university. In the special accommodation facilities, the students can get a well-furnished room, level access bathroom, flashing alarms, and grab rails etc.

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