Tips to write a case study on anxiety disorder

A case study illustrates how the intervention is apply with real-world people and explores the clinical and practical issues that may arise and how to manage them. Anxiety is a term used to elucidate a normal feeling people experience when faced with threat, danger or stressed. When people become anxious, they typically feel upset and depressed. Feeling of anxiety can be result of life experiences, such as job loss, relationship breakdown, serious illness, major accident, or the death of someone close. Anxiety disorder illustrates the mental – illness in the people. There are a number of anxiety disorders including social anxiety disorder, special phobia disorder, or panic disorder. 


There are many causes of anxiety disorder. The causes of a fastidious disorder vary, and it is not always easy to establish a case in every case. A person may suffer from more than one anxiety disorder.

Usually the tendency to build up anxiety disorders runs in families. Most individuals may also learn anxious responses from parents or other family members. Some anxiety disorder relate to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Society also plays a fundamental role in, community anxiety disorder or mental disturbance.

People, who have a certain temperament, are more horizontal to anxiety disorder. Some people are very emotional and involve in anxiety disorder. People who as children are inhibited and they may be horizontal to develop certain anxiety, such as social phobia.

Some people exposed to situations, objects or people who are hurtful or anxiety – arousing may develop an anxiety response. This response can be re – activated when they face same situation, object or person again.

Here are some tips to write a case study on anxiety disorder:

Client background: The client is the individual upon whom a case study is based. To know the client background is most important step to write a case study on anxiety disorder.

Course of treatment: The second step in a case study is course of treatment. For example you can write that the first week focused on the introduction to the metaphor of “automatic” as a method to begin discussion of doing and begin modes of mind. The aim of inquiry is to teach through experiential learning and accepting response to direct experience.

Response to participants’ reactions: A numbers of common reaction or difficulties frequently arise during the treatment .But to write a case study on anxiety disorder, writer should be ready to give response of the participant’s reactions.


In the end, write about the treatment given in a case. There are many effective treatments available for anxiety disorder. In real, every person has its own specific characteristics but most people pay well respond to psychological treatment. A treatment is of two types, psychological therapy, and medication. Anxiety management or relaxation technique is another important treatment of anxiety disorder. The family and friend of people with anxiety disorder can often feel confused and stressed. Support and education, as well as better community understand, are an important part of treatment.

If you are still confused, you can get case study help to write a good case study on anxiety disorder.

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