15 challenges that every PhD student faces and advice to overcome it

During their studies, there is much that is to be faced by the PhD candidates. Here are some of the main challenges that are generally faced by the PhD candidates.

1. One of the main challenge that is faced by the PhD candidates include time management. The doctorate needs to be treated as a full time job. It needs to be understood that it is not a part time course. One of the main part of the doctorate is to write the thesis. Thesis writing is the one main task that needs time management.

2. One of the main challenge for every PhD student is to manage the supervisor. There is no doubt about the fact that looking for supervisor and working with the supervisor as per his terms is challenging. Some of the main issues that are faced by the students with the supervisors include their absence, general conflicts on the research methodologies/time schedule and topics. The supervisors often take leaves andcan take holidays. In these cases, the students need to demand more contact from the supervisors.

3. The students often face sickness and a setback in the second year of their PhD. In these cases, the blues can be beaten when the students take support from other students. The students should take more encouragement from the senior students as this helps in increasing their motivation.

4. Beginning with the thesis is one of the main challenge. It is important that the students who find it hard to start and compile the thesis, should make sure that they need to start the thesis in the aspects that they find the easiest.

5. As the PhD students work alone in the labs, they often feel alone and estranged. Thereby, there is a need that the PhD students get encouragement from the other students.

6. It has been seen that the PhD students have higher levels of stress. As they feel alone and estranged, there is a need that the PhD students are the ones who socialize with other friends and talk about the stresses that they face.

7. One of the main challenges for the PhD students is they require funding. The students need to have more innovative topics that can attract funding.

8. Work and life balance is the one that leads to more health issues in the PhD students. The students need to know how to balance their PhD work and usual chores of life so they are less stressed.

9. Some universities offer less support to the PhD students that become a challenge for the students.

10. The PhD students are more concerned about their future and Writing a PhD Dissertation.

11. The PhD students need more motivation, as they tend to become demotivated easily in the face of stress and lack of support.

12. The students who tend to have their previous degrees accomplished at the same universities tend to face more challenges.

13. Be sure to ask for help from the seniors. It will be more helpful.

14. Be sure to talk with the supervisor about any stresses and issues with the studies.

15. Be more attentive to the talk of the supervisor.

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