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An essay is an attempt by a student to provide his/her point of view on a particular topic. In an essay, a student provides some arguments and then try to prove these arguments with the help of solid examples. As you are a student and not an expert essay writer, then there is a possibility that you will make some mistakes in your essay and these mistakes can become the cause of lowest marks. After writing the essay, it is necessary for you to take reviews of the expert essay writers to remove the mistakes from your essay. You can get the essay editing help from the essay writing services. Here, we will discuss some common mistakes that a lot a lot of students make while writing the essay and we will also discuss how expert essay writers can remove these mistakes.
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1) Inconsistent tense

If we are writing a story, then it is necessary for us to write the whole story in the past tenses. There is no need to use the mixture of past and present tenses in the story. In the similar way, if we have started to write an essay in the present tenses, then we should restrict to ourselves in the present tenses throughout the whole essay. Most of the students try to mix the present and past tenses in their essays and this thing become the cause of lowest marks. The expert essay writers will carefully check this common problem and if you have used the wrong tenses, then they will edit your essay to make it free from this mistake.

2) Incomplete sentences

As we know that every complete sentence should have a subject and a verb. Most of the students use the incomplete sentences in their essays. These incomplete sentences can also become the cause of lower marks. The expert essay writers will also remove these kind of mistakes from your essay.

3) Passive voice

You should write all the academic papers in the active voice sentences. There is no need the excessive use of the passive voice sentences. A specific percentage of the passive voice sentences is bearable, but the excessive use of the passive voice sentences is prohibited in each kind of the academic paper. Some students write their essays with the excessive use of passive voice sentences and this thing can also become of the cause of lower marks. While proofreading, if the expert essay writers find the excessive use of passive voice sentences, then they change the passive voice sentences into active voice sentences.

4) Dangling participles

The participles are used to connect that different words that we need to modify. A dangling participle is that participle that is not able to connect the different words that we are going to modify. These types of mistakes can also become the cause of the lower marks. If you will proofread your essay from the expert essay writers, then these kind of mistakes will also be removed from your essay.

These are the hidden mistakes of your essay and the only way to remove these kind of mistakes is to contact with the essay writing services. On the other hand, some other types of mistakes like spelling, punctuation and structure can be easily removed by the students themselves.

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