Businesses and Android Phone Applications

Businesses Android Phone
Ever since it has been introduced, android application develop has been gaining popularity in the market, both among the consumers as well as the business arena and every day, new applications are making their way to the Google play store which are helping businesses grow and connect with their consumers. This great success that is being enjoyed by android can be attributed to the users too who have welcomes these applications with open arms and made them popular with usage all over the world.

Statistics report that the shipment of android smartphones has increased at a very fast face within these past few years. Data shows that android dominated 73.5% of the market share in the 2012/2013 financial year and a recent research from IDC shows that android market share has increased from 73.5% to 79.3% which a very good rate is considering the monopoly of apple iPhone on the consumers and market. The best thing about the android development and its acceptance by the masses is testament of the fact that more and more people are now embracing the advancement of technology and this is also good news for businesses as now they can get closer to their potential as well as existing clients with help of latest gadgets and devices.

It is necessary for businesses to know that they can use android for better opportunities as it offers them a chance to do well and enjoy better connection with their consumers. Whether it is to attract new customers or retain old ones, they can make use of interesting and entertaining apps which keep the consumers coming back for more. These apps can be related to their products or services helping students to buy dissertation online or they can be in animated or gaming form which attracts users, even if they have no use for the products and services.

Android Apps and the Business Environment:
Android is an open source development environment which is available for all the people who want to use it and that too free of change. This is the main reason it has been accepted so wholeheartedly by millions of programmers all over the world as it helps them work as and how they can without facing any financial issues. This way it is beneficial for businesses too as it offers them a chance to get an app developed which related to their business or service and connect to their consumers and helps them understand what they need from them and also address their complaints most effectively.

With passage of time, there have been numerous developments on the android platform to go with best results and they have only helped to make things better especially for businessmen, developers and marketers who are using this platform to get direct access to consumers, eliminating the need for third parties. As the main aim of every business is to generate review and good customer feedback, android apps are the best way to get connected with consumers and check out what they expect, what they need and how their needs can be met most successfully.

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