What is a Bibliography? How to Format It

A bibliography can be best explained as the listing of the books, magazines, and internet sources or any other material that students have used in researching and writing their dissertation or thesis assignment. The students are only able to come up with a right bibliography after they have conducted a thorough background research, answered all the questions that they were required to answers and solve the issue that was raised by the topic.

With their background research plan firmly established the students can find sources of information that helping writing their research paper with their Phd dissertation writing services. However, only finding that information is not enough and the students need to write down from where these resources came from and how the students can across them. This is bibliography, mentioning all the sources and their necessary information the right way so that the teachers get to know how the students have researched for their research material and how hard they have worked.

Writing a bibliography is also very important for students as they do not have to go back to the same books and research material if they need to modify any information or seek further details on it. With the right information present in their bibliography, they will know how to find it and use for their means and ends. The more information that they provide in their bibliography, the better it will be for them when they need to find it or tell their teacher about it.

The students also need to know that only writing bibliography is not enough but formatting it the right way to present it to their teachers is also very necessary. The right formatting is also an important part of bibliography writing and the teachers do not accept bibliographies which are not formatting according to the accepted styles and guide for dissertation writing which range from MLA to APA and Chicago.

MLA Format of Bibliography:
The students are required to list the works cites at the end of their thesis or dissertation, on a new page with the title “Works Cites”. It is important to cite them all in alphabetic order, starting with author’s last name. The students should begin by the title if the author’s name is not known. For mentioning dates, it is important to abbreviate them using the day-month-year style or the month-day-year style and make sure this pattern is followed throughout.

APA Format of Bibliography:
For formatting their bibliography in this format, the students should start citing their references towards the paper end on a new page with the title “References”. The reference list should begin with the author’s last name, using the letter-by-letter system and ignoring any space or punctuation marks in content in dissertation writing which they have written.

Only the first and middle name initials are listed and if the author’s name is not available, the title should be used. For dates, the students should use abbreviations and use the day-month-year style or the month-day-year style with consistency. It is only the right formatting of bibliography that helps students complete their paper and enjoy good marks.

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